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A4Mark provides the easiest solution for managing Web-browser bookmarks.

A4Mark allows you to convert your bookmarks to-and-from various browser formats, edit and reorganize your bookmarks, format and print a bookmark list and more!

Browser types supported include Internet Explorer, Netscape, & Opera.

Teachers, students, researchers or office users can use this tool to easily print out selected items in their bookmark files, convert to text/HTML format to send over email as an attchment, or simply print out a formatted list with full URL information for easy distribution.


Print, Distribute, Convert Bookmark Files Easily.

Reviewd by ZDNET

With A4Mark, you can now PRINT your bookmark files with their descriptions, as well as their actual URL address. It also allows you to easily convert bookmarks between different formats, inlcude MSIE, Netscape, and Opera.

It is as easy as pressing a single button and your original bookmark file remains unmodified. You can also choose to remove unwanted date tags. Output can be SAVED to a new bookmark file (HTML format), or EXPORTED as plain text (without HTML tags)

A4Mark is very easy to install, all you need is a single EXE file.


A4Mark Bookmark and Favorites Printing Utility
(released Oct 09, 2003)

32bit v6.00 (Windows 95 / 98 / XP / NT / Vista).

  • EXE version - for auto self installation [450KB]
    Server 1

Register A4Mark

You can register A4Mark online using major credit cards.

Please click here for registration details

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