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LIKSE and NavRoad Viewers for HTML help international community manage and distribute Web documents to Web-less

Individual Internet users in the US enjoy a low budget ride when it comes to unlimited Internet and e-mail access. However for international corporations and particularly universities and institutions with a global network of scholars and students, international online access is slow, uncertain and costly.

A new HTML viewer with keyword search capabilities called LIKSE, is aimed at helping organizations manage and disseminate HTML documents on diskette and CD-ROM giving individuals greater flexibility to read HTML documents in an off-line environment. NavRoad is a streamlined version of LIKSE without the search capabilities. Both programs are compact, 300KB when compressed, and can run off a floppy or CD-ROM. No winsock.dll. is required.

The American Studies Crossroads Project at Georgetown University studies the uses of interactive technologies in the humanities. According to project administrator Jeff Finlay,"a major part of Crossroads' mission involves creating a world community of scholars and students."

"To bridge the communication gap in countries where our affiliated programs and centers don't have easy online access we have been sending disks which we call Portable Crossroads. NavRoad has proven to be the ideal tool to meet our larger distribution needs and LIKSE for select cases. Both are compact and can be loaded on a single high-density 3.5" floppy, yet powerful enough to bring the immediacy of hypertext materials to any computer running Windows."

LIKSE's built-in keyword search engine supports boolean operators (AND, OR, PHRASE), and displays summary lines of an article and hyperlink text to launch the document in graphic mode. Additional features include:

FAICO Information Systems specializes in developing Internet related software and also offers NavRoad which is an HTML viewer without the search engine and NavSearch, which allows users to add a search engine for HTML files to their favorite browser.

9th March 1997

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