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Pinpoint an exact geographical location using Longitude and Latitude coordinates

flash mapiMapBuilder is renowned as an easy-to-use map software for Windows users to create interactive maps and clickable images without any programming required. The new release includes more map templates, and introduces new features that enhance the experience of building interactive maps or routing maps. A web-based version has been recently launched. Windows, together with Linux and Mac users can now build interactive flash maps right inside their browser without installation, and easily embed into their website, blog or CMS.

WebUnion Media Ltd announces the release of iMapBuilder v4.55, a popular interactive map making software for Windows, MacOS, and Linux platform. The latest version of iMapBuilder enables easier creation of interactive maps, by adding more map templates including Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia and Singapore maps, as well as other features such as bulk data import function from an Excel spreadsheet, heat map, as well as custom map area functionality to bring enhanced convenience to users.

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In addition, iMapBuilder now allows users to pinpoint an exact location using Latitude and Longitude coordinates easily, which is suitable for pinpointing city locations, displaying branch offices across the regions, or showing an absolute location of a particular place. By just a click of mouse, a pop up window is displayed for users to type Latitude / Longitude coordinates, select placemark icon, add text content and images to mouseover tooltips. If you have an Excel Spreadsheet file with predefined formats, you can import the geographical data into the software with ease. Exporting a flash interactive map into static JPEG format for Powerpoint presentation is also possible, thanks for the [Export to JPEG] feature provided by the handy software.

By using iMapBuilder, business owners, schools, organizations and government agencies can build branch location maps, floor plan maps, diagram representing sales data, distribution, as well as routing maps such as those used by airlines. The main advantages of iMapBuilder over other map software is that no any programming or Flash editing experience required. Users can easily pick up a pre-designed map template to jump start their own interactive map projects. They can also import their own GIF, or JPG image file, and use iMapBuilder to convert the static image into an clickable, interactive image map.

Together with this new version, WebUnion has also released iMapBuilder Online, which is a web based application, allows MacOS and Linux users to create interactive flash maps using browsers without having to download or install any software. iMapBuilder online is 100% web-based, users only need to have a computer with web access. It is compatible with popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

flash mapAnother advantage of the web-based version is that updates can be made anytime, anywhere, right from the browsers without installation of any program. Users can sign up a free account for trial at http://www.imapbuilder.net/

iMapBuilder online guides users step-by step, providing simple choices regarding background color, tooltips style and images. There is no software to purchase, and no complex code to learn . The interactive map is published with one easy click, while even after publishing, you can go back and change any way you wish.

'In the past, only professional graphic designers and programmers were able to use advanced software to create sophisticated and interactive online maps, other people might be confused about how to get started and finally gave up because it is too technically challenging for them to build a map," says Godfrey Ko, Director of WebUnion Media Ltd, "iMapBuilder is a complete map building tool that requires absolutely no prior technical knowledge to make a profesisonal map. It is our reliable service, outstanding feature and excellent support that separates us from our competition,' Ko added.


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